Windows 8.1. Update 1 - Walktrough Video (7:45 min)

Posted by andi maurer on Montag, März 10, 2014
Das Windows 8.1 Update 1 wird am 8.April 2014 an die Windows 8.1 Benutzer verteilt. Es hat einige nette Änderungen bzw. Neuerungen parat, die in diesem Walkthrough Video schön gezeigt werden.

Das Update wird über die mormalen Updates verteilt werden, alternativ wird es als .msu- und .iso-Datei bereitgestellt.
The Windows 8.1 Update has got the following changes:
  • It boots to desktop by default on non-touch screen device
  • Mouse and keyboard users get power options on Start Screen
  • Search icon is also provided beside power options on Start Screen
  • Mouse and keyboard users get right-click contextual menus which replaces the app bars on Start Screen
  • You have to hold the CTRL button to select multiple tiles while using mouse
  • Moving multiple tiles on non-touch screen devices is only possible while holding CTRL button
  • Touch screen users will get the same experience like power options and app bars as Windows 8.1 RTM
  • Naming group is also right click away
  • You are now showed how many new apps have been installed on Start Screen
  • The newly installed apps are now branded ‘New’ under All Apps section
  • You can select to view more apps on ‘All Apps’ section by selecting the option from Settings
  • PC Settings now holds a link to desktop Control Panel
  • You can now manage and see the disk space right from PC Settings by using the Disk Space section
  • Joining Domain from PC Settings is now more-easier
  • SkyDrive app has been renamed to OneDrive
  • The Modern-UI apps now have the close and minimize buttons on top title bar
  • The Modern-UI apps can be pinned to taskbar on desktop
  • The Store app is pinned to the taskbar by default
  • The taskbar appears on other Modern-UI apps
  • Running Modern-UI apps also appear on taskbar by default
  • Modern-UI apps from taskbar now support jump list feature where Xbox Music app can play/stop music
  • Notifications area on taskbar shows the OneDrive icon where current status is showed
  • Internet Explorer 11 version has been jumped to 11.0.7
  • Enterprise mode is now supported in Internet Explorer 11 which lets you open web sites in IE 8 compatibility

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